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The lord of Wishes

Gath is a mysterious being known for his cunning and trickery. He is a master of riddles and a maker of oaths, and he often presents himself to people through an avatar - a body that does not belong to him. Gath is a shrewd negotiator, offering people deals for power, wealth, or even immortality. However, his true intentions are not always clear, and people who fall for his schemes often pay a heavy price.   Although Gath is not allowed to lie, he is a manipulator who uses half-truths and clever wording to deceive those he encounters. Once someone has signed a pact with him, they are bound to fulfill their end of the bargain, even if it means sacrificing their own life. Gath convinces people to make deals that seem appealing at first, but ultimately do not benefit them in the long run. When the deal is complete or expires, Gath will come to claim their soul, adding it to the countless others he has already collected.   Gath's domain is known as the Tower, a vast structure with uncountable floors and rooms. The halls are dimly lit by candles that never seem to burn out, casting an eerie glow over the endless corridors. The Tower is where Gath keeps records of all his deals, as well as dungeons where all of his claimed souls go. Those who dare to enter the Tower, do so at their own risk, as they may find themselves trapped in its labyrinthine halls forever.   His appearance depends on his current avatar, but it is said that he himself looks like a formless menace, a black cloud with burning coals for eyes, and only the suggestion of limbs.


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