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The Daystar, Lightbringer, Pelor, Lathander

Sol is the Deific interpretation of the Sun in New Genesis. He is a harsh God, both the giver of light and life, but also of blinding flame and unforgiving judgement.   His followers are many, but most treat the faith as a 'generic' belief in light, good, and healing. That said, the more zealous of his faith are unbreakable champions of light, hunters of undead and evil, unshakable in their single-minded pursuit.

Divine Domains

Light, Life, War

Holy Books & Codes

The first writings of Sol were engraved on golden, circular plates thousands of years ago by the Golden Elves. They currently reside in the Temple of the Sun in Moonbrook.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A stylized golden Sun with 8 rays, with the 'west' ray curving around in front of the disk.

Tenets of Faith

Sol is worshiped in different ways, by his different aspects, across the known world. To some he is the benevolent giver of life-sustaining light, a warm protector. To others, he is a harsh, divine inferno who demands the destruction of all that is unholy or evil, especially Undead.   There are some universally accepted tenets that all Sun worshipers agree upon, though.

  • Bringer of Light: Sol demands that light be brought into dark places. This can mean exploration of unknown lands, the revealing harmful secrets, and general honesty (within reason).
  • Nurture Life: the natural world depends on the warmth and energy provided by the Sun. Life is hope and should be protected in all its forms.
  • Undeath is an Abomination: undead should be destroyed, at all cost.
  • Excess is Dangerous: The Sun can burn, it can blind, and it can desolate kingdoms with drought. Night is there as a balance to the overwhelming power of the Sun upon the mortal world. More broadly, power itself can burn its wielder, if hubris is allowed to set in.
Humans tend to focus on the benevolence and ubiquity of Sol as a source of Life, Healing, and Light. This interpretation is common among the peasantry of Terra, as the Sun is an obvious and easily understandable source of power. The Golden Elves of the central plains of Terra, however, tend to focus on the more harsh and proactive aspects of Sol. They send champions into the world with the express intent of destroying as much evil as possible. Drow, understandably, despise Sol and his followers.


The Summer Solstice is a primary holiday, as the Sun is the highest in the sky. The day after of the Winter Solstice is a minor holiday, as it marks the day the Sun begins to increase its presence for the year.   During the day, its customary to welcome the Sun at sunrise, praise it at noon, and wish it farewell at sunset. The pomp and circumstance of these prayers range from a mere acknowledgment and a nod to the sky, to elaborate rituals with chants and incense.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The revealing of lies, the destruction of Evil (especially undead), and the nurturing of life.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good

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