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Kormen Stonebeard

Captain of the Skyharbor Guard Kormen Stonebeard (a.k.a. Cap'n K)

Kormen Stonebeard, Captain of the Guard in the Dwarven capital of SkyHarbor, is a man bound by duty. He has served his city, and his people, admirably, for his entire career, starting as a reserve patrolman and working his way up the chain of command to his current position. Kormen answers to the Clan Council directly, and they wisely heed his advice and input, defense, peacekeeping, maintaining law and even on the general running of the city.   More intelligent and wise than some may assume, he has a deep well of common sense, 'street smarts', and insight to motivations of people, no matter their background or standing. His long dealings with powerful nobles, wealthy merchants, and dangerously overpowered adventurers, has taught him the utility of a friendly, affable, and non-threatening attitude, even when commanding respect.   He always has his finger on the pulse of the city and has an incredible ability to 'sense' its mood and temperament, no matter the day or hour. More than once he has become uneasy before a issue has arisen, his powers of intuition manifesting.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Large, well-trimmed chestnut colored beard with a coppery red streak down the middle, from the chin.

Lawful Good
Year of Birth
1841 NG 60 years old
Biological Sex
Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Skin Tone
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Well, well, well... adventurers."

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