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Arcane Marksman

Arcane Marksmen came forth out of the invention of the firearm. Gunslingers started popping up around the lands, and their use became more and more common. That is until a couple of Rangers experimented with the firearms, and made a groundbreaking discovery. It is possible to infuse bullets with magic. Thus the first Arcane Marksmen were born.   The difference lies in the way the Arcane Marksman uses their firearms. Where the Gunslingers use their expertise to skillfully fire their gun and pick on specific targets, the Arcane Marksman takes an entire different approach. While being a ranger they are limited in the amount of destructive spells they can cast, but after some research, the invention of the firearm solved this problem for them. They turned their firearms into magic devices, capable of being used as a spell focus. In turn this improves some of the ways the Arcane Marksmen can use spells compared to other spellcasters, but still limits them in variety.   Arcane Marksmen see their inventions as an improvement of the original design, though both inventions can be equally lethal. Armed with a new threat, these individuals are often despised by court wizards and other spellcasters. They usually use their talent in the hunting arts, either chasing prey, or taking mercenary contracts.



The 'Arcane Marksman' tradition was created by the Elves, to take advantage of the strange technology known as 'gunpowder' and the firearms that utilize it.


A millenia and a half ago, a cadre of Elves became enamoured with the new technology known as collectively as 'firearms'. These elves sought to elevate the mundane and crass process into an elegant and magical experience. Liandri the Arcanist, an Elven mistress, lead the team of arcane craftsmen in their pursuit, crafting dozens of prototype arcane rifles over several decades, from their laboratories on Liefland. After nearly a century of magical experimentation, Liandri and her followers reached the point of viability in their research and formed a new Order: the Arcane Marksmen. A lifetime of research and testing now complete, the group transitioned into an active mercenary and adventuring party. Liandri and her Order traveled the known world, battling monsters, carving out civilization from the wilderness, defending the downtrodden, and testing their newfound skills.   As time wore on, as happens with adventurers, their numbers eventually dwindled, until finally, only Liandri herself remained. While exploring an ancient, Old World ruin in a forgotten corner of South Drak Isle, she was slain, her lifelong goal of creating an Order of Arcane Marksmen a forgotten failure. Until, hundreds of years later, an adventuring team known as The Undying happened upon the dust of her bones, her arcane rifle (known as 'Equinox')... and her unresting ghost. A human Ranger known as 'Ironwolf" agreed to take up the title of Arcane Marksman to free the spirit of Liandri, allowing her to reform the threads of reality to bestow the knowledge of her Order and finally be free to eternally rest. From there, Ironwolf the Ranger/Arcane Marksman continued the traditions of the Order and sought to teach others the skills previously lost to time.   Legends tell of the arcane rifle 'Equinox' having a counterpart... a firearm named 'Solstice'. These firearms supposedly can combine or compliment each other in some way, increasing their overall power.



A magically enhanced rifle worth at least 5,000 gp.
Alternative Names
Famous in the Field
by Christopher Abruscato
Crest of the Order of the Arcane Marksmen


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