The assassination of Maleko Keala

Life, Death

4/5 19:00

A former general that has deserted the army assassinates Maleko Keala with the help of another criminal.

Maleko Keala, send out to defeat a group of bandits responsible for the death of one of the generals of the Storm Troopers arrives in Osburg and stays at the inn, unknowing of the dark fate that awaits him.   William Richfield, working together with Ronan Overwood, is in the common room as Malekos food is about to be brought to his room when he uses a spell scroll of Stercus. It was only ment to let the waiter have to go to the bathroom, but the scroll was more powerful than anticipated and instead of just one guy shitting his pants, the entire common room gets uncontrollable diarrhea. But with some quick thinking, Ronan Overwood takes the opportunity and casts disguise self to look like the waiter and goes upstairs with a plate of poisoned food to bring to General Keala. After bringing the general the poisoned food, they do not linger and wait to see the results of their work but instead immediately leave town and go to the Axe Bite Pass to meet up with the rest of the party.   Within a few moments after they left, they hear alarm bells from Osburg confirming that their assassination attempt was a success.

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