Storms at Sea

General Summary

After two days of calm weather with moderate winds, on Devday, the wind started to get turn into a storm as the Hurricane formed. They tried their best to navigate through, but they where no match for the storm. Some of them where thrown on the deck by the strong winds and unable to man their post and keep the ship on course the ship took heavy damage; the hull ruptured and the helm was broken.

In the eye of the storm, they had a small window of opportunity where they made some temporary patches to the helm and tried to stop the ship from sinking.

And it helped as the second part of the hurricane didn't destroy the ship completely. However the ship was still taking on water and it seemed that at the current rate they would have about three days before the amount of water would drag the ship to the bottom of the ocean. They set out to find the nearest island but unfortunately they had no clue where that might be.

The next day however, a Severe Thunderstorm formed and even though they tried their hardest, it was just too much for the ship and it tore apart in the ocean waves and ripping winds.

Anlanya whom was hiding in the cabin when the ship tore apart, grabbed the bags of holding and prayed to Titivilus (her patron) and asked if it could bring them to safety. Titivilus answered that he would help her but only if she would return the sword called Clarent currently rumored to be in D'Hara. She agrees and they all wake up on an island.

Character(s) interacted with

Anlanya spoke with Titivilus in order to make a deal to teleport them to safety.


3025-11-06 - 3025-11-08
Report Date
03 Sep 2020


Cold (-7°C - 0°C)
Wind Force
Hurricane (254 kph)
Severe Thunderstorm
Cold (-5°C - 0°C)
Wind Force
Windstorm (91 kph)


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