Starting out at Sea

General Summary

Once everyone is on board, they quickly push off and set out for the sea. Unfortunately, without any actual sailing experience, they had some problems trying to break through the surf. The ship took quite some damage but fortunately the hull held and they managed to fix some of the smaller breaks with Mending.

After about an hour however, they encountered some Sahuagin and managed to kill two of them with an amazing combination of attacks. Ronan used his ring of misspelling to make land, letting a pillar of land rise from the ocean floor to the surface, bumping one of them out of the water on which Phinux could cast entangle, trapping all three of them.

One of them wiggled free as two sharks appeared, helping the Sahuagin attack the ship. Phinux decided to transform into a shark as well and dove after the Sahuagin as it as diving down, asking the sharks to help her. They dove with her after the Sahuagin but she didn't realize that it was just a setup. After diving more than 80 foot, the Sahuagin turned around in an coordinated attack with the sharks they trapped her and attacked her. Not being able to hold her Wild Shape, she turned back into a human and was now trapped deep underwater. Ronan dove after her and she managed to get back up to the surface and back on the ship.

In the meantime, the rest fought off a giant shark that was nibbling on the side of the ship trying to sink it. And when it tried to swim away, William stopped it in its tracks and they where able to take it down before it could leave.


Report Date
17 Aug 2020


Moderate (-5°C - 4°C)
Wind Force
Light (14 kph)


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