Selling a public execution

General Summary

After the party defeated the Reikland Bandits in the North Reikwalt Forest, they kept one alive and handed him to the guards so they could have a public execution. The guards really liked that idea and decided to plan the execution immediately and so the date was set for the 25th. With Phinux still in the hospital as a result of getting stabbed with the Morgul Blade they decided to wait in Osburg until she was recovered and that gave them time to also see the execution. On the day of the execution Ronan Overwood saw it as a good opportunity to make some extra money and he was able to sell 6 VIP tickets to random people.   The same day the servants came to the inn to tell William that the army is on the way to eliminate all the bandits in the region (this because apparently a general was killed by an ambush of those bandits).   The army that is coming would take about one week to get to the region as of when the servants left (the 24th). After some investigation William found out that the army is lead by Maleko Keala (a general he doesn’t know personally but as all generals Maleko Keala will know William by reputation (and name)). That night, Ykkiuto Quaews drinks way to much and starts crying and tells the group that her parents where murdered by "monsters" but she was too young to remember what/whom killed everyone and destroyed the village.
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30 Mar 2020
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