Patrols of Merfolk

General Summary

Two days after they fought off the Sahuagin and sharks, Phinux saw a Hallucinatory Storm forming and warned the others. She did not know however what a Hallucinatory Storm did exectly but they figured the name was quite self explanatory.

At the beginning of the storm, they notice a patrol of merfolk coming their way and decide to outsail them, opening up a bit more sail and with the winds increasing with the storm that was forming, they quickly left the merfolk behind.

About half an hour later, they notice another merfolk patrol but as the storm is currently too rough to outrun them they prepare for battle. Ready to push them back if they would try to climb aboard, they where cought by supprise when one of them just disappeared and misty stepped on the ship behind them. It however did seem to be speaking in some ocean language they did not speak so they didn't attack right away but where prepared to strike at the first sign of hostile intent.

After misty stepping on the ship, the merfolk spoke to Phinux as she was steering the ship and seeing as she was a druid she tried druidic. Fortunetely Phinux understood and asked what this was all about. The merfolk explained that they where about to hit a reef and that they needed to go around it.

Phinux tells the rest and the tension lessens, the merfolk guides Phinux while sailing but as the storm is raging, Phinux has difficulty manoeuvring the ship untill a particularly heavy wave hits as a strong wind pushes them back to the reef. The merfolk pushesh Phinux out of the way and takes over the helm and shouts at Phinux yelling about her having no idea how to sail this ship and getting them all killed. But because the rest doesn't understand a word the Merfolk is saying, they only see that she violently takes over the ship. Phinux tries to yell that it is all ok, but she can't get her voice to cary over the loud wind and the breaking of the waves.

William sees it as an attack and starts to attack the one closest to him, the merfolk gets angry and tries to slap William and push him out of the way as he needs to ajust the sails but as he does so, he inadvertently triggers the sword of vengance and gets William into a trance to kill him. Raeflynn sees what is happening and knows that there is no stopping William from killing the merfolk. She pushes the merfolk overboard and holds back William in order to prevent him from killing the guy.

Meanwhile, Ronan has run up the stairs to Phinux to see what is going on and Phinux tells him that everything is ok. But when the Merfolk see that one of their own is thrown overboard, they jump after him shouting something about only wanting to help, and that Phinux should get her men under control.

Phinux begs them to come back but they do not answer. She than tries to continue the course around the reef without the merfolk but her skills are lacking in this storm and they hit the reef causing the ship to take quite some damage. Ronan casts passage with his ring of misspelling, getting them off the reef but the hull has a tear in it and they're taking on water. William starts casting ray of frost to seal the hole while Phinux tries to hammer some planks on it. It seems to help quite a bit but when Ronan tries to hammer a plank on it from the other side (while underwater with alter self) he pretty much undid the work William and Phinux did on the inside.


Report Date
17 Aug 2020


Hallucinatory Storm
Moderate (6°C - 14°C)
Wind Force
Light (8 kph)


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