Attack on Rusty Daggaz

General Summary

The Gothmog Family was still not on Ayram Alus├Čng when we where going to move so we offered to stay on the ground to wait for them and guide them to Ayrams new location, but after a few days, we encountered two goblins that came to give us a message. They have kidnapped our leader (Minerva Andellian) and are willing to trade her for the idol of Wu Kong. They even had a finger as proof (even though we obviously didn't know her well enough to know if it was indeed hers, but as we also hadn't heared of her we figured they where probably telling the truth).   This way of negociations however was something that didn't sit well with Tron and Barbara. So after a quick discussion we decided that we would not give in to their demands but instead kill one and keep the other alive to tell us about their camp... Turns out there where four of them but even so, we quickly defeated them. Lizanha left Niffler to give a letter to the Gothmog when they arrived and we traveled towards the camp. The goblin we kept alive was no use to us as he didn't give up any info about the camp. Arriving at the camp, we send out Erias Aedaire to go and check out the tents. There appeared to be a cluster of living tents, a cluster of working tents, and three distinct different tents. Erias checked out the smallest of the three first and almost had to puke when she peeked under the tent and saw a naked goblin butt pooping. Clearly the wrong tent so she checked out the largest one, turned out to just be a church that was currently empty, so she checked the last one. It seemed to be some sort of arena, but unfortunately there did not appear to be a way in except for the main entrance where she saw a gugbear standing inside around the corner.   We discussed and decided to send in Barbara to try and charm him. It seemed to go quite well, however there appeared to be another bugbear and he stopped the first one from engaging with Barbara. Barbara than proceded to try and charm him as well and it seemed to work at least a bit as he asked her to come over but as she had already stepped in a spike trap, she asked him to guide her safely throug. Unfortunately he realized that she was not of the tribe and went back into the arena to grab the prisoner. A short fight broke out that quickly stopped when Barbara was knocked out and Tron offered to trade the idol for the prisoner.   It was at that moment that I used the message spell to ask Minerva if she was alright but she replied to not give them the idol and to kill her instead. I whispered to Tron that we should kill Minerva, but he ignored me as usual (probably a robot thing). So I messaged Minerva again and she told me that the idol was of great power and we could not let it fall into the hands of the Goblin. So again I tried to tell someone (this time it was Mira) but unfortunately, she also ignored me. They proceded with the trade and it as soon as the Bugbear released Minerva in order to grab the idol, she yelled to not let them have it. Another fight broke out, ending in us having killed the bugbears and retreated into the arena.


Geralds Log
Day 23 - 27
Report Date
17 Apr 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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