An Underwater Cave

General Summary

They continue their journey untill Ronan notices a cave when staring in the water and they decide to explore it.

Ronan goes first and sends in the Gem of Brightness as a light to see what is inside. He sees a treasure chest but not much more so he goes in and gets jumped by an octopus that was hiding on the cealing of the cave.

Phinux and William come to help Ronan but aren't of much help as the octopus sprays a cloud of inc and they can't see him anymore. The octopus swims away using the cloud of inc as cover and they decide to just let him be. They check the chest but it turns out to just be filled with rocks.


Report Date
17 Aug 2020


Incorporeal Wind
Moderate (3°C - 13°C)
Wind Force
Light (4 kph)
Incorporeal Wind
Incorporeal wind passes through physical objects and barriers, such as clothing, armor, walls, and solid earth and stone. It negates any benefit of winter clothing against cold and exposure effects, but also negates any penalty for heavy clothing or armor against heat. Incorporeal wind is blocked only by mage armor, wall of force, and similar force effects.


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