A Dying Unicorn & A Werewolf

General Summary

During the night Ronan notices two Leucrottas and a Shoosuva coming towards the camp. He immediately hides and notifies the others and a fight brakes out. The Unicorn selflessly casts a shimmering shield on Phinux and gets attacked immediately after. The rest of the party tries to fight them off but the creatures, in some sort of frenzy, kept attacking the unicorn and with a few swift attacks they managed to kill it. Afterwards they tried to run off, but the party wouldn't let them, William stops one of them with his Sentinel feat and the rest dashed after the other two and killed them.   Two nights later (3025-06-12), Phinux notices during her watch that Ronan started to move and shiver in his sleep as the moon was on its highest. Knowing a bit about transformations, she recognized the movements as a slow beginning of a shape change and remembered that he was bit by a man that had transformed into a wolf. She also remembered the amulet that they found in his tent that had something to do with preventing transformations and ran towards Ronan’s saddlebags to try and find the amulet. By the time she got to the saddlebags however, Ronan had woken up and when she tried to put on the necklace with the amulet, Ronan ducked under her arms and started to run off. Ronan woke up in terrible pain that almost blinded his vision. Fighting the pain, he also got the weird feeling that if he where to give in to the pain, that he would lose grip on who he is. Trying to stay sane, he saw Phinux coming at him and afraid of what he might do to her he ducked under her arm and started running. Phinux transformed into a wolf herself (dropping the amulet) and ran after Ronan. She caught up with him when Ronan, struck by a jolt of pain, collapsed and fell on the ground. She tried to comfort him and tell him that she was there for him but Ronan got up and kept running away. After about half an hour Ronan was fully transformed and he and Phinux ran the rest of the night: playing & hunting.


3025-06-10 - 3025-06-12
Report Date
27 May 2020
Primary Location


Temporal Wind
Moderate (-3°C - 6°C)
Wind Force
Light (12 kph)
Light Wind
A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.


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