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Roberta Gotz

Roberta Gotz (a.k.a. Bobbie)

Everyone in the town of Arkham is familiar with the Whip-Pour-Will Bar and Grill.  It's made a name for itself as a popular drinking and dining destination for both the locals and the students at the nearby Miskatonic University.  It's home to the famous Birdcage Bertie's Moonshine and, to those in the know, an unparalleled line of magic potions.  And it's all owned and operated under the watchful eye of Arkham Coven witch Roberta Gotz.
Known simply as "Bobbie" to her closest friends, Roberta's humble lifestyle belies her extensive background.  The Gotz family were orginally a magic family who owned a sizeable brewery from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s.  They believed magic should be accesible for anyone to learn and use, and often sold magic potions alongside their famous beer.  Unfortunately, the enactment of Prohibition caused their brewery to go under and led to one witch in the family (also named Roberta) turning to bootlegging alcohol and potions.  This didn't last forever, and an incident with the Feds led to both the family's speakeasy and the last of their fortune going up in smoke.  For the next few decades, the Gotz family lived a humble blue-collar lifestyle, but they never lost their connection to the magic community.
Roberta holds firm to her family's beliefs about the free use of magic, and once she got the opportunity, she acquired the property the speakeasy used to stand on and converted it into a restaurant with a secret potion shop in the basement.  She now serves as one of the chief members of the Arkham Coven, who secretly champion the spreading of magical knowledge and the improvement of relations within supernatural communities.  And now that their biggest local enemy Sigmund Kriemhild has died and the girl who's moved into his estate appears sympathetic to their cause, Roberta's sure her family's dream is closer to coming true than ever.

Physical Description

Body Features

Muscular build, round body shape

Facial Features

Oval face, crooked nose, thick eyebrows

Identifying Characteristics

Possesses a significant number of tattoos, including full sleeves on each arm

Special abilities

Roberta is an accomplished witch who's adept in many forms of magic but specializes mainly in potion making.  She even came up with a way to reliably produce potions on a large scale.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





High school graduate


Owner and operator of the Whip-Pour-Will Bar and Grill restaurant and her own personal potion line.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Dorothy, her covenmates, Arkham, leather jackets, classic rock, pinball
Dislikes: The Five Family Covens, keeping magic a secret, weight lectures, rude and rowdy customers, anything with kale in it


Contacts & Relations

  • Dorothy Eve - Girlfriend/covenmate
  • Candy Harold - Employee/business apprentice
  • Etteilla Colman-Smith - Covenmate
  • Gisela Doran - Covenmate
  • Gertrude Adelbert - Covenmate
  • Izabel Michaels - Covenmate
  • Kirsten H. Nelly - Covenmate
  • Patricia Matthews - Covenmate
  • Quiteria Taylor - Covenmate

Family Ties

  • Roberta "Birdcage Bertie" Gotz - Ancestor

Social Aptitude

Friendly and outgoing.  Enjoys being around bigger groups of people.  Not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for her beliefs.

Hobbies & Pets

Weightlifts, plays pinball, experiments with different moonshine flavors and potion recipes
Date of Birth
December 5
Arkham, MA
Current Residence
Arkham, MA
Light blue
Short, brown, curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
200 lbs.
Aligned Organization


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