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Whip-Pour-Will Bar and Grill

If you're looking for a decent brew of the alcoholic or magic kind in Arkham, just look for the flashing neon sign of a drinking bird toy dipping its beak in and out of a cocktail glass.  The Whip-Pour-Will Bar and Grill is a popular dining and drinking destination for the students of Miskatonic University and the citizens of Arkham.  The establishment is owned and operated by Roberta Gotz, whose ancestor ran a speakeasy/potion dealership during Prohibition.  Anyone who inquires about the house specialty will be treated to a jar of Birdcage Bertie's Moonshine, the recipe for which has remained unchanged since the 1920s.  If you're in the know and inquire about the house brews, however, you'll be directed towards a staircase leading down into the basement.  You'll be greeted by Roberta's assistant Candy, who will invite you to peruse the Whip-Pour-Will's collection of home-brewed potions for sale.


The basement of the Whip-Pour-Will utilizes a dimensional spell to house an entire moonshine distillery, a brewing apparatus designed to produce potions on a larger scale, and a small store area for the purchase of said potions.


The Whip-Pour-Will was constructed to resemble its original appearance as closely as possible. The building's simple red brick exterior belies an art deco style interior straight out of the 1920s.


Back during the Prohibition Era, the building that would one day become the Whip-Pour-Will was simple flower shop by day. By night, however, its basement was host to the Birdcage speakeasy. Not only did the Birdcage offer patrons quality moonshine and entertainment, those in the know could also acquire quality magic potions as well. The building collapsed during a raid turned standoff when a stray fire spell hit one of the stills, starting a massive blaze and destroying the foundation. In time, a new building was constructed on the ruins of the old one, and its ownership changed hands many times over the decades. Eventually, it was purchased by Roberta Gotz, a descendant of the original owner of the Birdcage, during the late nineties and converted into the Whip-Pour-Will Bar and Grill, where it has remained to this day.


While not a sports bar per se, the Whip-Pour-Will is a popular destination for fans of Miskatonic University's sports teams and tends to get increased traffic on game days. It's also a popular destination for moonshine aficionados in the New England area.

Whip-Pour-Will's Best Brews (In Our Humble Opinions)

By Leila Katz-Kashif (and Friends)

LEILA: Invisibility potion. Super useful for soooo many situations.  Seriously, just think of how many situations you've been in that would've gone so much better if you had an invisibility potion.
DAMON: My favorite is the sleep potion. Depending on how much you drink, you can get a solid eight hours of sleep in and not wake up groggy the next day. It's been, uh, pretty useful for a number of reasons.
JUAN: Fire breathing potion, for sure! You can get at least 30 feet on a good breath, and it tastes awesome, too! Heck, I'd drink it even if it didn't let me shoot flames out of my mouth! Just, like, make sure you don't drink it indoors. Or around anything that catches fire easily.
MIN-JI: While mass-produced potions like the ones Whip-Pour-Will puts out tends to be...subpar at best, I'll admit I'm partial to their vitality potion. It gives a proper energy boost without the negative drawbacks of normal stimulants. It's also good at neutralizing Certain People's attempts at sneaking sleep potion into your drinks because they think you're "working yourself too hard" or "pushing your limits too far."
IRIS: Fun game for a Friday night: Step 1, find a drunk frat bro or two to antagonize. Step 2, drink Whip-Pour-Will-brand temporary invulnerability potion. Step 3, goad said frat bro(s) into punching you. Step 4, laugh as their fists crumple against your face like they're punching a concrete wall. Just, uh, make sure to get out of there before the potion wears off.
CANDY: I don't want to sound like I'm advertising, but I tried the boss's strength potion once and now it's the only strength potion I use.  It's great for everything from lifting heavy boxes to tossing out rowdy drunks.  And unlike other strength potions I've tried, it doesn't leave your muscles feeling sore after it wears off.
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13 Mar, 2022 02:30

Love the name of the bar/Tavern. Love how you have the description of the best brews the bar is offering!, I am very curious about the staff of the place and who they are!, Overall a good article

13 Mar, 2022 15:47

Thank you so much! I actually plan to have the staff be semi-recurring characters in the story this world is for. I'm really glad you liked it!

17 Mar, 2022 07:52

As an immense fan of Lovecraft and his work I went nearly immediatedly: "Hol' up..." This place seems to be really cool, but at the same time I wonder if it would need some of that Lovecraftian mystique? Like how usual is it to order an invisibility potion IF this is really in "this normal" world. Especially if the potions work!

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3 Apr, 2022 18:16

Thank you so much! There's going to be a lot of Lovecraft references in the story this world is part of, so you'd probably really enjoy it. As for how "normal" this world is, I don't want to spoil anything, but there's definitely tension between those who want to keep magic stuff secret and those who want to get it all out in the open. Anyway, I'm really glad you liked it!

18 Mar, 2022 00:07

That's a lot of neat potions, but I'd like the moonshine please.

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29 Mar, 2022 21:16

Brief but a fun read. I enjoyed reading about each of the staffs favorite potions.

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3 Apr, 2022 18:18

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it!