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Fisher Hawks

The Fisher Hawk, a magnificent bird of prey adorned with striking blue feathers, is a prominent figure in the wildlife of the Umbrasol Basin. These majestic creatures boast an impressive 6-foot wingspan and are known for their hunting prowess, targeting fish and small mammals. Beyond their natural attributes, Fisher Hawks hold deep symbolic significance, often associated with nobility, wealth, and divine favor. Their presence is widespread in heraldry and art, particularly within the Church of the Holy Triad, where they are revered as divine gifts from their god, Trionis.
The Fisher Hawk's awe-inspiring appearance and hunting prowess make it a formidable predator in the basin's skies. With their stunning blue feathers and impressive wingspan, they command attention and admiration wherever they roam. These birds prefer to inhabit rocky outcroppings, from which they launch their hunting expeditions.


Throughout the basin's history, the Fisher Hawk has been synonymous with nobility and wealth. Their regal appearance and hunting prowess have drawn admiration from ruling elites and common folk alike. In ancient times, falconry - the art of training birds of prey for hunting - was a status symbol among the nobility, and Fisher Hawks were often favored companions. Their association with nobility extended to heraldry and art, where they frequently appeared as symbols of prestige and power.

Divine Gift

Within the Church of the Holy Triad, Fisher Hawks are considered divine gifts from Trionis, reinforcing their significance as sacred creatures. Revered for their hunting prowess and their ability to thrive amidst the basin's natural beauty, Fisher Hawks symbolize the unity of Trionis' three aspects - the earth, sea, and sky. As such, the Church often incorporates these birds in their religious iconography and artwork, representing divine favor and blessings from their god.
Given their cultural significance and status as divine symbols, Fisher Hawks are actively protected and conserved within the lands the church holds sway in. Both nobles and commoners alike hold a strong sense of responsibility toward these majestic birds, the Fisher Hawks' population is carefully monitored, and efforts are made to ensure their habitats remain safe and protected.


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