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Because they live in water, they have difficulty moving to the surface, but as long as their gills are wet, they can breathe in the open air. To prevent their bodies from drying out, they are covered with damp mucus that keeps them wet, which is why they are often dressed in bathing suits or waterproof clothing. There are shark mermaids with pointed teeth and the bottom of a shark's body. They are carnivorous and wild and aggressive in nature. Like sharks, the lower skeleton of their bodies is made of cartilage, which makes them very delicate. They're mentally weak. There are also Eel Mermaids with a long body like the Lamias. They have no problem living on the surface. As they produce more mucus, they often wear loose-fitting clothes. They are very popular thanks to their massage technique using their mucus which has more cosmetic properties. They have a lot of self-confidence and often stay awake all night long, which means they often lack sleep most of the time.