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Unlike Lamias and Harpies, there are males and females. Although they are described as burns in mythology, this is true for only a few males. Females consider males as examples not to be followed, and many are proud and well-behaved. Females are herbivorous. They love sweet foods very much. It's a large species, even newborns are big. Because newborns need a lot of milk, some females are well equipped, they are called milk milks. They are often used as nannies for women entrepreneurs and it is not uncommon to see them cohabitating with other species. They have a strong maternal instinct and love little things.   The light weights, called race Centaurs, excel in the race. They are smaller than normal Centaurs and thinner. All of them are often doctors because they are easily injured because of their weak bodies. It's a shy and innocent species. Trucks are the most muscular subspecies. Often used in fields, it is not uncommon to see them with heavy armor that he wears easily. Although nice, cheerful, sometimes distracted, they are often stupid.