Arachnea Species in The Wild War: Anathema | World Anvil


Arachneas have between four and six eyes and are totally carnivorous. They produce thread to weave cloth and traps. They are predators, but since hunting is useless in society, they spend their time knitting dolls with their sons. Their predatory instinct pushes them to sequester people and play with them. They love caffeine. There are males and females.   Little Arachnea: Smaller than normal, they have shorter legs but move faster, they are good at jumping and are full of energy. They can produce fabric, but only use it to slow down their descent. They only have four eyes.   Great Arachnea: A large subspecies with thinner and longer legs. Greats Arachneas are very courteous by nature. They cannot produce yarn, but they move extremely fast. Their hunting instinct is so great that sometimes they abandon their prey to attack another one, but in society it is like losing interest in someone very quickly. They are known to hate insects.   Fat Arachnea: A much larger subspecies with very thick legs and fur. They are savage and aggressive. They also have venom.