Where some Tarot abilities involve mere Manifestations with limited tangibility, or invisible aspects, manipulating the Elements comes with a clear presence. Each of the four Suits has a connected form of elemental manipulation, which doesn't summon from nothing but transforms the world by force. Exhausting in nature, these powers take either great calm or great talent to make a significant difference.
Air is aligned to the Swords Suit, and could for example be used against projectile attacks. Alternatively, one might disrupt a bird's flight, or use a strong breeze to blow out a fire. Its ultimate, and exhausting, form would be a strong wind to hold back a forest fire.  
Earth is aligned to the Staves Suit, shaping, breaking, or solidifying the soil. Its usage can complement the construction of fortifications, or create a small barrier without any physical aid. Offense-wise it could be used to disrupt enemy footing, or help sappers undermine a wall.  
Fire is aligned to the Pentacles Suit. Creating a fire out of nowhere is exhausting for all but the most skilled, but it takes far less effort to ignite what is already there. This makes involuntary usage of Fire extremely dangerous, and one of the most common reason for Tarot users to be Marked.  
Water is aligned to the Cups Suit, and can be used to condense water from the air, or purify existing supplies. Advanced users may be able to impact currents or cause a brief rainshower when humidity is high enough. One very special usage is to help resuscitate drowning victims.


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19 Feb, 2021 17:04

Oo, I like that water can be used to resuscitate drowning victims. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
19 Feb, 2021 19:25

I got the inspiration from a tv-thing I once saw, removing the water from the filled lungs.

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