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Septon Society

The Septon Society is the largest fraternal organization present in the Welcome to the Virgo Cluster and the only one that comes close to being present throughout the cluster. It was originally created to be a help to colonists as they spread through the cluster. There are remnants of early attempts to provide shelter and accommodation on many worlds, some of which have survived for presumably hundreds or thousands of years.    This article is not intended to be a history or detailed discussion of the Society, but will serve to illustrate some of the reasons the Society was formed, what services it provided, what membership entails and can provide, and it's role in the colonization and continued role in the cluster today.


Distributed cell based organization with minimal direction from higher authority. Organization is based on the local group and structure and charter derived from planetary authority which is derived from a single Cluster authority responsible for maintaining values and precepts of the organization.


Intended to be an organization providing assistance to members in need, it has expanded to provide charity to select groups in need.

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Founding Date
Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
Seps, Septos, Septonites


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