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Blono Eris

Blono Eris

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Blono is in generally good health, but is by no means an athlete. He is overweight, generally owing to a lack of physical activity, and has no plans to change that.

Physical quirks

Blono is constantly cracking his knuckles, many times at inopportune moments or to make a point with the sound they make.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Blono Eris was born into the Eris Family and was the third of six children. At an early age, it was apparent that he was the leader of his siblings, and other children when he came in contact with them. He was educated by his parents until the age of 8 when the family "found" a pair of teachers who would continue his education until he turned 18.


Blono trained as a pilot and a businessman, a well suited set of professions to further the family's aims.


Blono is the current had of the Eris Family. He was elected 7 years ago, has been re-elected once and seems to be well liked, or at least professionally respected, by the other heads of the clans within the family.

Morality & Philosophy

Blono knows what the family business is and how it accomplishes it's goals, but he doesn't dwell on the details, preferring to think that those who "work" for him and the family do not have other good choices. The family provides the necessities for their "employees" and treats them fairly well, except that they are drugged and not allowed off planet or the ability to return to their former lives.

Personality Characteristics


Blono has the family at heart, and doesn't know any other type of lifestyle other than the one he's been raised in. He is very much a child of the situation within which he was raised.
Current Location
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.7 m
125 kg
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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