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Session 7: Escape from the Fort

General Summary

Finding themselves in a difficult situation. Seven folksguard were lying unconscious on the floor around them, the sound of one of the guardians pounding on the door, hissing as he did. The party became desperate for a solution. Kleech healed one of the less injured folksguards, who awoke in a panic. He began to scream but was interrupted by Ravojhan who threatened the man's life in order to make him be silent. The frightened let it slip that the guardians don't attack anyone wearing the folksguard uniform.   The group stole uniforms from the unconscious folksguards. For all except Trinky, who instead hid under Kleechs cloak, as the uniforms were too big for her. They then took the frightened folksguard with them. Pushing him in front of them as they snuck out the back corridor. This did not stop them from coming face to face with one of the Guardian Nagas. But through some clever lies and deciet, they managed to talk their way past them.   The folksguard, who unbeknownst to the party was named Jonaffan, had up until this point acted thinking his life was under threat, with a metaphorical knife to his back. Now when he began to back away and think about fighting back, Ravojhan convinced him that he was now in too deep. The Guardians would see him as just as guilty as them. He had to continue to help them.   Moving on into the cell block, the party managed to trick their way past yet another guardian, before finally finding the cell block where Quinumos parents were held, along with a few crazed prisoners. They managed to free Quinnies parents, but when they wanted to leave, Jonaffan went into Quinnies parent's cell and layed down. The party took his amulet to make it seem more authentic. Meanwhile, the party faced backlash from Quinnies parents who wouldn't leave without the rest of the clan, which at this point was only four other elves. An argument broke out on how they would get out and on whether they even could save the rest.   That's when Kleech took notice of one of the other prisoners, a crazed gnome yelling about chalk or ink. He made Ravojhan give the gnome some of his ink. The crazy prisoner instantly began drawing up a teleportation circle with no success, since his mind is somewhat scrambled. But when Trinky managed to pick the lock, with some restraining and sleep spells they calmed him down long enough to put an amulet around his neck.   With the gnome prisoner calmed and somewhat made sane again. He thanked them and told them that he had made a teleportation circle in his workshop before he was brought into the fort. And that he was now making an exact copy which would take them to his workshop in Amarley, halfway across the country. This convinces the party to try and free the rest of the elves as well. With some quick work by Trinky they are all freed and together they all escaped through the portal made by the gnome, leaving the amulets behind. It happened just in the nick of time, as a guardian came around the corner and the party ran for it, tipping the guardian off to their activities. With the gnome being the last one through the portal closing it behind him, cutting the tail off of the guardian.   The party found themselves in an old dusty workshop that didn't seem to have been used for years. The gnome thanked them from the bottom of his heart and introduced himself as Gragrim Sneekaround. He explained that they were now in his uncle's basement in Amarley. He told them to stay and regain their footing whilst he went upstairs to talk to his uncle.   The party took some time to relax and calm themselves. When Gragrim eventually returned he had his little niece in his arms. The party were confused and asked what was going on. He explained that he had, of course, taken his niece hostage to prevent his uncle from calling the folksguard, since he was no longer welcome in his uncle's home after his crimes had surfaced. The shocked party asked what those crimes were and he explained that he had killed 5 children, 3 adults, and an old couple in his magical experiments.   The party was horrified and decided to make him leave the town as quick as he could before he hurt anyone. They talked him into not bringing his niece as a hostage, that there had to be a better way to stop his uncle. Which gave Gragrim an idea. He immediately went upstairs followed by the party and Quinumos confused clan. There they witnessed Gragrim use a paralyzing spell first on him and then his niece. He then thanked the group for the idea before they all. quickly left the town before its citizens woke up.   When they got far enough away from the town Quinunoms family left, but before they did they once again gave their thanks to Quinnie. Finally forgiving him for leaving them and telling him that he would always be welcome back, should he feel like retiring from his adventuring. This was followed by a final reconciliation between Quinumo and his father. After they had left Gragrim stole one of Kleechs feathers and used it to cast a flying spell to leave the party behind after they had shown themselves to be hostile against his actions at his uncle's place. The party, realizing what kind of being they had released from the fort tried to stop him, with Trinky shooting an arrow into his arm. Angered by the injury Gragrim took out a piece of sulphur and dropped it on the party, casting a fireball spell as he did. The explosion, which knocked out Ravojhan and Kleech gave him an opportunity to escape.   The group gathered themselves and got the Dragonborn and Aarakocra back on their feet. They walked for a bit before they found a suitable place to make a camp where they could take a well needed long rest. There the group contemplated their situation, the fact that they had left Salakor, his caravan and their own horses halfway across the country. The fact that they would now be wanted by the folksguard, having left a lot of witnesses behind. After resting for almost a day the group travelled until after nightfall when they reached the inn marking the halfway point to Zarastil, the Empty Cauldron.   Inside the inn Quinumo and Trinky were met by two familiar faces, as well as a folksguard. That of Bigrim Mursk, the mute pirate whom Trinky had gotten into a fight with last time she was there, and his friend an old halfling pirate named Wilace Bromboulder. Wilace, who was very rough around the edges, instantly began to heckle Quinumo and ask about the goblin which was no longer in sight. He then moved on to making inappropriate advances on Trinky, who was disguised as a gnome using her magic hat. Trinky played along, for a while before she had enough and decided to fight the Halfling. Whilst this was going on, Ravojhan and Aurora had found an empty table in the corner where they could stay out of trouble. She left the inn, took her hat of and then returned as her normal green self. Gigrim got scared and backed up to the bar, whilst Bigrim walked up to meet her.   She walked straight at him, dodged his first strike and gave him a good kick. She then lost her footing as he returned the favor with an elbow and then gave her a punch to the face, making her lose consciousness. Quinumo was already on his feet, ran at the halfling and hit him. But not even the elven fighter was a match for the surprisingly dangerous halfling. Thats when Kleech had had enough. As the folksguard rose to stop the fight, the birdman ran over the Wilace and hit the halfling straight in the chest with a dropkick, scratching him with his talons. He then grabbed the halfling and tossed him backwards in a suplex. The halfling, landing on his own head with the force of both himself and the aarakocra, fell into unconsciousness. The folksguard stopped and realized that Kleech had apparently ended the fight. He warned to try and stay out of trouble next, as well as his friends, and let the party gather themselves. Realizing the what this unwanted attention could lead to, Ravojhan made the party leave the inn and once again make camp along the road.   The next day, after eating the food that Aurora had foraged for them, the party set off and travelled all day. They passed over hills and woods, feeling the coastal breeze as they approached the ocean. They passed a destroyed caravan, with the mangled corpse of a dragonlike creature next to it. Some hours later the group made it to Zarastil, entering the slums of Gorums Hollow on the northern side of the wall, finally arriving in the capital.
The Broken Eye
Aurora Elsys
Ravojhan Geldoth
Trinky Dullbub
Report Date
15 Sep 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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