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Tiamat is one of the most dreaded goddesses there is. Known to both Dragonkin and the ancient Mesopotamians, she is a Goddess of all Dragonkin, and to the latter, the Sea. She is also viewed in the ancient Mesopotamians as the symbol of chaos of primordial creation and mother to the younger gods, who she sired with Absu the God of Freshwater.

Divine Domains

Sea, Dragons, the Chaos of Primordial Creation

Holy Books & Codes

The EnĂºma Elis which is found in the remnants of the ruined Library of Ashutbanipal at Ninevah (also known as Mosul) gives two accounts of her. The first dexcribes her as peaceful & helping to use her primordial side to birth the world. The second she is an evil creature using the primordial chaos to help birth the world. These are made of over 1,000 lines in Akkadian cuneiform on seven clay tablets.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Depicted as a dragon or sea serpent in every case, sometimes with up to five head & necks.

Tenets of Faith

Followers believe that only by the use of primordial chaos focused correctly can the world be changed or born anew. The destruction of the old ways are important to allow this rebirth. Also, anything draconic is the ultimate symbol of this primordial chaos and it's ability to be focused correctly.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Tiamat, from what is known, is to see that order is replaced with chaos to allow the world to re-created or reborn to her whims, and that of her children. Her children are sacred to her & to her followers, and that anything relating to dragons is the purest form that any living creature could be. All others are inperfect, and needs to be removed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tiamat is an ancient goddess, even by human standards. Worshipped by many different species it is no surprise that the dragons, their kin such as Draconians & even wyverns, view her as a mother figure. Exactly how old she is is unknown though there is mention by mythic dragons that she existed on or before the creation of this universe billions of years ago.   She is tied in with Barhamut, the father of dragons, and known to humans generally Absu in the ancient texts. Together all dragons can trace their lineage back to them.   Other creatures eventually arose and started to worship her, chief amongst them being elements of the Yuan-Ti. In this case, these serpentine monstrosities latched on to her worship with the fact of her being serpentine in many aspects. Along with other such draconic creatures, they felt blessed when she taught the branch of them in modern Persia with magics to rival the branches of their kin who took up other gods.   Eventually Man came about and met the worshippers of Tiamat taking in the beliefs that she was a creature of the primordial chaos, and the turbulent seas. The Akkadians, the Sumerians, and the Babylonians were only a few in the region of old Persia that knew of her power. If anything very few openly practised her worship due to fear more than anything. Knowing how powerful she was, other gods took over as worthy of worship.   After hundreds, maybe thousands of years these empires fell, and eventually were replaced. Now fragments of her former cults remain. The Yuan-Ti were beaten back by younger species, both sides detested what they saw, and the dragons & their kin pushed back over the millennia to out of the way places where many slumber awaiting to be woken by magic or folly.   Unfortunately, with magic slowly waining as with any old belief system, treasure hunters, explorers & adventurers are reawakening or rediscovering many of her children & servants. In some cases, a few are taking up the mantle of priesthood and revering her once again. If it continues, she may reappear again from wherever she has been slumbering. To do so could very well lead to global disaster for all.
Chaotic Evil
Unknown but known to be billions of years old
Goddess of the Mesopotamians

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