The Nephilim

When angelic Watchers of YHWH came to earth and seen the women, they stayed and took human women as wives. From this union came the Nephilim, giants with Celestial blood in their veins. This one legend from the Torah & the Old Testament, is used to explain where giants came from, and how man is meant to have learned many arts, whether military, metalwork, and magic to name a few. Accordingly it is one of the reasons behind the Great Flood.   These giants are still meant to be tucked away in regions of the Middle East, though given time, they are meant to have travelled far beyond the borders, though in lesser numbers. Each is meant to have celestial powers as well as the great strength of giant-kind, and are also rumoured to be deeply spiritual. Most are rumoured to be good, and prefer now to live peaceful lives of seclusion with others of their kind, a few are purely evil, cursing anyone or anything pious. The latter is the rarest out of the Nephilim, and whole generations go by with out one like this appearing. Although saying this, the Nephilim are rare enough, and rarely get along with any other giant, as each side distrusts each other intensely.   Most Nephilim don't travel very far unless needed, and are usually downcast. This in part is the fact that for them spiritually, they can never enter Heaven or Hell. They know that they are cursed by God for having an angel as a father (who was never meant to interfere so directly in human affairs). Most accept this, and to counter their spirits facing annihilation or being captured by foul magic, each bears a scar over their heart that has a sliver from an unused amber sarcophagus forced into this scar when it is fresh. When they die, the sliver fades away in seconds , and appears in the ruins of Megiddo in the Middle East. There, it is picked up from a silver bowl, etched with Celestial writing, by the Watcher, and placed on a now growing amber sarcophagus. The purpose is that when a Nephilim dies, their soul can merge into one in the sarcophagus, and birth a new god allowing for any later Nephilim souls to be absorbed by it.   The problem with this, and the Nephilim are fully aware, is that some scholars postulate that Armageddon will be finally settled at this point according to these Christian scholars. They accept this as a possible fate, and hope that they can help the faithful to succeed.   The Watcher is a Nephilim blessed with immortality (also one of the first Nephilim to be born) , and will be the last to merge with their possible god, giving him a body, and the spiritual energy to fully form. Also, the Watcher takes any shards containing the essence of an evil Nephilim and place it in a bowl made of a 50/50 mix of gold and silver. It has a lid of the same material and locks magically. Also, the Watcher is attuned to these magical bowls, and the sarcophagus, and has total control of where these are kept. All three items are impervious to any known damage.   The Nephilim is also tied to the cities of Petra, and to Iram of the Pillars. Both are gigantic cities that are now abandoned but are on such a scale giants would not look out of place in them, though the city of Iram is also tied in with the Jinn. Petra also has a large flat surface stone that is rumoured to have been put there to trap Satan and evil angels below, being put here possibly by the Nephilim


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