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The Mistletoe's Blood Clot

Mistletoe's Blood Clot

Wondrous Item


Positive Against Negative. The Blood Clot material is able to cause 10  3d6 Radiant damage if used on any creature of the following: Aberrant, Demon, Devil, Fiend, Undead. To do so, it must be used as a poison on a weapon, ingested, or breathed in by the creature.   Healing. Any first aid, or healing, which uses this substance, gains an extra 10 3d10 hit points no greater than the maximum hit points of the target. It cannot be used on: Aberrants, Demons, Devils, Fiends, and Undead.   Destruction of Evil. This substance gives a Cleric's Turn Undead ability a boost by giving them advantage against them. Also, if ground up and turned into a paste, it can be applied to items, substances, etc etc. If it is classed as having an equivalent alignment of Evil by the DM then that object / area takes 10 3d6 Radiant damage over time. Every ounce used lasts 1 hour in-game, or until the object is destroyed first.   Aura of Purity. Generally, Aberrants, Demons, Devils, Fiends, and Undead cannot come within 10 feet of a Blood Clot source, and will spend any Action and Reaction to get out of range instead, including using the Run and Dodge actions. Any Celestial of Good alignment has advantage on saving throws & abilities in the 10 foot range.

by Teodora Djordjevic

The Mistletoe's Blood Clot is a mysterious substance found throughout the world of Earth. In the purest form it looks, smells, feels, and tastes like the fluid found in the mistletoe plant, and congealed into a rough external rock-like outer shell. In the centre it can still be in liquid form.

Once thought to have dropped to Earth from the great world tree in many mythologies & religions, at the time of creation. It was known to many species from earlier times and the effects it has on some. Evil creatures have looked to destroy it over time, while Good aligned creatures have harvested it when found. Most of the region of Europe is at very low levels of it being found while rumour has it the largest remaining amounts being found in the Middle East, or seized by the Necrocult who are looking to corrupt it.

Cost: 50000gp
Weight: Varies


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