The God Who Never Was

The God Who Never Was

Medium Deity Deity, Chaotic Evil

Armor Class 20 (natural armour)
Hit Points 450 400d20+50
Speed 40ft Fly: 60ft


28 +9


26 +8


29 +9


30 +10


29 +9


31 +10

Saving Throws Str +8, Dex +7, Con +8, Int +9, Wis +7, Cha +9
Skills Perception +10, Insight +10, Religion +9, Persuasion +9, Intimidation +10, Arcana +8, Deception +10, Sleight of Hand +8.
by CM Dixon (photographer)
Damage Immunities Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing from nonmagical attacks.
Condition Immunities Charmed, exhaustion, grappled, paralysed, petrified, poisoned, prone, restrained, unconscious
Senses Truesight 60ft, Darkvision 120ft, passive Perception 19
Languages Knows /speaks all languages
Proficiency Bonus +7
Challenge Rating 30


The God That Never Was is a powerful entity that is as old as the Material Plane itself. Thrown from the heavens to the Material Plane, it travels from world to world causing havoc & despair wherever it walks. People are driven insane, animals turn on each other, plants wither & die, even civilisations rip themselves apart. So ancient is it, it doesn't even remember it's own name. So evil, that the ground it walks on warps & twists into strange disturbing landscapes that defies logic. Killed by the most powerful individuals over and over and over again, it never passes on to any other dimension, being drawn back into the body of an unborn baby on a planet in the Material Plane. The only way to prevent it is to draw upon the collective willpower of numerous deities, and their servants, to extinguish it forever. So far, this has proven difficult to do. By touching other creatures the God can cause horrific mental, emotional, and spiritual damage to it's victims.


Death and despair is all I know, so the living will feel the same


The corruption of the Material Plane will allow me to shape it into my own playground


Nothing can defeat me, and I underestimate mortals, and their gods

Suggested Environments

Can be found anywhere in the Material Plane.

Random Spells. The God sometimes has access to spells, and on a 50% roll will have a set of 25 spells chosen from any source. These have to be chosen before any encounter happens or else nullified (losing this ability). Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma can be chosen as the spellcasting ability.   Terrifying. The God is a strange amalgam of different species in it's natural humanoid form, and when encountered within 30 ft, all saving throws, DC rolls, and attack rolls against it are at disadvantage.   Illusionary Form. When the god is met, it will be holding a form that appears as a standard humanoid. It also masks itself from detection making it impossible to locate it when location based spells are cast. It also allows for it to have advantage on Charisma based rolls. Animals and the like, of 3 or less Intelligence can somehow pick up something is just not right about it, and it loses the Charisma bonus against them.   Wings. In it's natural the God has wings so gains the Fly speed mentioned.   Power From Death. When a creature dies within 60 ft of the God, whether in combat, a trap, an execution, or by being sacrificed, the God restores any lost hit points. If already full then it adds these to it's temporary hit points for a 24 hour period.   Holy Ground. The God is unable to enter the holy ground of a good aligned god without taking 10 3d6 radiant damage at the start of it's turn. If it is a neutral god, then the damage is reduced to 5 3d4 radiant damage. If it is an evil god, then it takes 1 damage. Also, it loses the Power From Death ability & any temporary hit points it has. It regains this ability, and can build up temporary hit points again when it moves off the holy ground.


Multiattack. The God can make five attacks per attack round: four with it's Claws, and one with it's Bite.   Bite. Melee Weapon Attack +15 to hit, reach 5 ft, one target. Hit 30 2d20+9 piercing damage, plus 32 5d10 necrotic damage.   Claw. Melee Weapon Attack +15 to hit, reach 5 ft, one target. Hit 32 2d20+11 slashing damage, plus 43 7d10 necrotic damage.   Nightmare Touch. Melee Weapon Attack +15 to hit, reach 5 ft, one target. Hit 16 3d10 psychic damage.


Flyaway. The God can use it's wings to move out of range of an attack if there is an empty space within 15 feet from it that it can see.

Legendary Actions

The God That Never Was has access to the three following Legendary Actions options. It can use a legendary option only once per turn, and only at the end of an opponent's turn. It regains the legendary options only at the start of it's turn

  • Claw. It makes one Claw attack.
  • Flyaway (Costs 2 Actions). It can move away using it's reaction ability as normal.
  • Nightmare Touch. (Costs 3 Actions). It can use it's Nightmare Touch causing double damage)

Lair Actions

When in it's lair, the God can do one of the following on an Initiative 20 roll (losing any Initiative 20 rolls if both parties do).

  • Cultists. The God can call any of it's cultists or allied evil creatures that serves it, to it's side. 5 3d6 cultist show up and fight for it in the same initiative order directly after the God. If an allied evil creature appears, it uses that same initiative.
  • Grounding Effect. The God causes damage to the ground of the lair resulting in it's opponents have a -2 1d4 to all attack rolls and halving their walking speed.
  • Aura of Despair. The lair has a foreboding, warped, & disturbing aura about it, leading to most creatures have disadvantage to Wisdom rolls, and Wisdom saving throws.

The God Who Never Was will try to seek out a space such as a ruined building, a cavern, or an unused sewer section to set up a temple of sorts. It will try to attract followers to worship it, and make sacrifices in this temple. They main thing will be that it is hidden & out of they way, even in a highly populated region. This is to prevent anyone or anything else finding it except for cultists.

Regional Effects

The God Who Never Was causes certain regional effects to appear when active in the region it decides to settle in. These effects are as follows:

  • Animals sicken & die or run away from it. None can be brought into the lair or even within one mile of it. The same applies to plants. Food & drink spoil and become inedible.
  • Cultists appear and the region ends up with about 10 3d6 of them in or near the lair filling many roles there. One is generally a cult fanatic or leader of some kind.
  • Nightmares, insanity, & paranoia affect many locals in 5 square miles of it, and diseases spread more easily.
  • Earthquakes & volcanism effects can appear in many regions, which can slow up travel and cause everything having to make journeys at half movement.
Any evil creature in the region will gravitate to it, and there is a higher than normal level of these creatures there. If the God is killed then these effects disappear after 1d10 days.

Cover image: by CM Dixon (photographer)


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