The Ghost Town

This small town used to be inhabited by 450 people. It now is completely deserted and plants are starting to overgrow it. The town has an eerie feel to it. Cold spots and chill winds regularly appear in and around it. Whispers can be heard just out of earshot, and shadows can be seen just out of the corner of the eye. The old crumbling buildings are primarily wood, with doors and shutters opening & closing on their own. What remains of the items in the village sometimes move of their own accord. No birds or other animals seem to frequent the area, and the only well is scum covered with a foul taste to the water. Any traveller with a horse and/or animal companion will find the animal spooked and refusing to come near. No remains are of the inhabitants are present.   Nobody in surrounding settlements can truly explain what happened at this town. Some speculate that there was a massacre that wiped out the inhabitants, while others think it was a disease. Yet more more point to no remains can be found and they people just moved away. Some more surmise that the town is cursed by someone murdered or by a god, while another is that the town was known for worship of dark gods and all took to another realm during the night.


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