The Feywild - The Garden of the Fey

The Feywild is a Plane that came into existence well before the Material Plane. It is known to follow the seasons as found in the Material Plane, and is teaming with life. The life forms here are known as the Fey. Eventually, the Elves found their way here, and it is as much their home here as the Fey themselves. So much so that the Elves who inhabit it are mistook for always being there. Many of them think that too, though there seems to be disputed by the Elves of Alfheim & Svartalfheim. Beneath the surface there are creatures called Dark Fey that are evil in the extreme, and most of these have access to one or more portals here to the Shadowfell, with both being mirror opposites. The Feywild is vibrant & bright, filled with joy & wonder, and teaming with life, and the Shadowfell is the opposite. The Feywild also has a court that is mirrored in the Shadowfell, the former having the Seelie Court, and the latter having the Unseelie Court.   This Plane has seen its share of war & pain, though nothing like any other. It is usually skirmishes involving attacks by the Dark Fey that are largely confined to the deepest parts of the Feywild, and generally overlooked. It is filled with many ruined buildings & structures that are overgrown to one extent or another. Some of these act as portals to other dimensions & worlds, especially to the Material Plane. A few seem to lead to blasted damned worlds roiling with chaotic energy, and strange & frightening creatures. These are referred as Crone Worlds, though no-one knows why.   The structures follow one of two patterns, those made of stone and elements of metal & wood, like ruined buildings on the Material Plane, and those made of strange material no-one can truly comprehend. The latter are white, off-white, or cream in colour, with strange pictograms on them no-one can read. Some have strange wonderous gems attached to them, similar to unworked gems found on the Crone Worlds. These structures at times appear as statues with weird weapons or devices attached. Anyone who can use psionic magic, or have abilities similar to that, report that these structures are alive in some strange way, and regularly try to 'sing' to them in their minds in a way looking for them to do the same back. A few of the strange gems seem to be filled with the essence of spirits that try to call out too, and appear similar to the Elves at least in mind only. These all have a natural shape & quality to them that is remarkable.   Many plants & animals appear in this realm and all grow readily to maturity & beyond. Many are centuries or more older than what other races would think. Due to portals being present here linking to worlds such as Earth, Krynn, the Forgotten Realms, and Greyhawk to name but a few, the Fey have travelled extensively, making contact with many species, and in many worlds influencing the myths & legends of them. A few creatures make it through to the Feywild, either settling there, or traveling on to other worlds.


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