The Blood Diamond - A Rare Diamond Indeed

The Blood Diamond comes from the south of known African lands. Exactly where is unknown, though it does have a Yuan-Ti marking carved into the bottom of it. It is an exceptionally rare priceless diamond of exquisite beauty about the size of an average human fist, and always feels slightly warm to the touch. Owners have mentioned it feels as if there is blood coursing through it when held. Passed from one owner to another or sold on, it made it's way to the old Kush Empire, then on to Egypt, where it has been passed from one nobleman & leader to another. Many of these have had constant assassination attempt or more on themselves, and in some cases these have been successful. At present it is rumoured to have came into possession of someone in Europe, though nobody can be sure who at the moment.   Whoever owns it, can find the magic placed on it working both for & against them. On one hand it boosts their fighting ability, especially when injured, and on the other, it attracts all manner of treasure hunters looking to seize it for themselves. One rumour has it that the diamond sits in a vault somewhere in north west Europe, under heavy protection, and guarded by all manner of creatures & traps ready to prevent it being stolen.


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