Minotaurs - Cursed Children of a Queen

Minotaurs are cursed creatures. Originally there was only one in existence, though more were eventually created, and then they bred. The first minotaur is the child of Queen Pasiphae, the wife of King Minos, and a snow white bull that was sent to Minos for sacrifice by Poseidon. He didn't sacrifice it, so was punished by having Pasiphae fall in love with the bull, and thus the minotaur was conceived.   The name itself is a translation of the Greek name Minotauros, or Minos' Bull. When born, Minos had a labyrinth built to hold it, and the original plans for it was built by Daedalus. According to the stories, Minos was at war with the Athenians, and eventual was placed in the position to demand tribute from them. First, his son Androgeos was killed, and second, that led to him to have the wherewithal to demand seven youths & seven maidens from the Athenians. There, they were forced to enter the labyrinth and devoured by the Minotaur. Some say it was every nine years this happened, others it was every year. It is likely the maidens were forced to breed with the minotaur first, then devoured after they gave birth leading to the eventual species taking root in the darkness. After that they likely escaped and spread around the south east of Europe, the western Middle East, and north west Africa.   The original minotaur is long dead, after being killed by Theseus, who had help from Ariadne, the daughter of Minos & Pasiphae, and she likely was cursed too, to carry on the minotaur's bloodline.   Each minotaur is large, burly, with the head & horns of a bull, the lower legs of a bull, and the knack to know the exact path they took in any given area. They are slowly branching out of where they originated from, but prefer dark, labyrinths or similar structures to live in. They usually live in small family groups led by the strongest male, and are violently aggressive hunters in any region they're in, preferring the taste of human flesh. They regularly adapt human & humanoid axes to their needs, along with simple clothing. On rare occasions they will fight alongside other evil creatures, especially animal-human hybrids, who they feel a twisted kinship with. There they act as shock troops, and on rare occasions lead whole tribes of such creatures.


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