Jinn - the Genies of the World

Jinn (Romanised as Djinn, or Angelized as Genie), are supernatural beings originating in Arabic & Middle Eastern folklore as spirits or demons. The latter especially, after the birth of Islam. They are born Fitra (or Fitrah) meaning they are born innocent or in a state of purity, and not inherently good or evil. They are originally pagan in nature, though they have now been taken into Islam. They are separate to actual demons though linked due to the character of Iblis.   The Jinn were created before humanity arose, and they are meant to have bodies of smokeless fire. They exist just outside human senses, and can physically manifest when they want to. Each is either good or evil depending on their religious beliefs, and whether they are followers of Iblis. Iblis is one of the first Jinn (though nearly all Jinn are mortal, and breed amongst themselves), and he refused to bow down to man when Allah created humanity. His pride was that he viewed Jinn as being made of fire, while humanity was made of clay. For this, he was cursed by Allah to live immortally on Earth tempting & corrupting mortals until Judgement Day.   In many Islamic countries the Jinn can be summoned & dealt with like any spirit, and the punishment is usually death for any who do. This is due to the fact it involves magic, and the user is referred to as practising witchcraft. The Jinn themselves can use powers such as magic and it is not frowned upon for them. Sometimes they will aid mortals, others will hinder them. Many local Middle Eastern peoples refer to other spirits outside this region as Jinn too.   In every instance the Jinn can appear with widely different looks, different skin colours such as red, blue, and black are common. Some have sharp teeth and/or claws. Others have hair, while some don't. Many can and do make use of clothing & items. Most Jinn can travel between the Elemental Planes and the Material Plane, and can dwell in these Planes making homes for themselves, along with slaves & servants from the Material Plane.
"What you think of crickets, we don't. It is the Jinn calling to each other, and to us. All around us they move, using the elements to grow and prosper. Cursed by Allah Almighty and His Prophet for all time, they happily lead us astray.   No I do not think that is superstition! All we have known is the ways of these creatures. They meddle in our ways all the time, and think nothing of messing with you alone. Do not head to that cursed lost city in the desert too. They you may meet them and their kings, each with a day of the week. Then you will suffer to Judgement Day, and then forever."   Last words to Abdul Alhazred, an Imam out of Mecca.

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