Gallu (plural Gallûs, or Gallas in Akkadian) are ancient demons & devils of the highest order from the Sumerian Underworld. Extremely powerful and dangerous, and hauled off unfortunate victims to the Underworld. The goddess Inanna was pursued by them when she left the Underworld with Galatura and Kuryara. They are mentioned to never needing food, drink, or sex or love. An extremely powerful gallu called Asag, was slain by Ninurta using the enchanted mace called Sharur.


The Gallu are still thought to be present in Mesopotamia, and likely mistaken for Jinn. They still seem to appear as demons & devils in some stories in the region, and a few of the Abbasid Caliphate still fear them. Anywhere the peoples of Mesopotamia have moved to will still remember these creatures of darkness.

Variations & Mutation

The Gallu are related to the Udug of the same region, and likely interchangeable.

Cultural Reception

Outside of the old Mesopotamian region very few if any would hear of these demons / devils. The only ones would potentially be occultists, or similar groups, including some demon & devil worshippers. This is likely through old grimoires and spells brought out of the region.

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