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Fluffy Bunny Catchers

The Saxons have recently instituted a new type of hunter. They have heard the misinformation fed to them from Frankish spies. In doing so, they heard about a fake attack on farmland outside of Hamburg. Most think it is false, though they have many troops with plenty of time to kill, they formed the Fluffy Bunny Catchers to keep these rowdy reprobates in line.



Hunting, tracking, the ability to build animal traps, and knowing to keep the sharp pointy end of weapons in the direction of the enemy. All these are important to the job. Usually the individual's notoriety of drinking, brawling, and 'living' in the local bawdyhouse when not on duty or fighting in the front lines are further 'qualifications'.

Career Progression

The catchers can easily apply to become scouts & hunters when they return to the Saxon military when they finish their time with the Catchers. From there they can increase their chances of proving useful fighters in the ongoing Saxon Wars and in raids against other ethnic groups. By doing so they may be requested to lead such raids in the future with little oversight.

Payment & Reimbursement

The Catchers are paid a few copper coins per week for this 'duty', and a lesser chance of actual flogging from their superiors as long as they stick to the job at hand. Their families are took care off by their communities at this time, and they are allowed to keep any rabbits they catch. These they can sell the carcasses, skins & fur for money or use these themselves.

Other Benefits

They're generally looked down on but when they're tours of duty are over (usually a few weeks at most), they are generally classed as better hunters. Also, any societal infractions that they have built up before or during are wiped clean. They are further able to be employed in specific military structures that use stealth, hunting and raiding, allowing for better longterm monetary gain.



To chase up the rumours of potentially dangerous rabbits in and around the Hamburg farming community.

Social Status

Low ranking individuals & trouble makers are placed in this large unit at present. They are usually viewed as being the worst out of those communities they are from.


Drawn from all across Saxony, they are a broad range of of Saxons. A small minority of their numbers are drawn from their Westphalian & Barvarian allies that live in Saxony. It works out that only 100 to 150 men are currently employed so far.


The Fluffy Bunny Catchers are only a recent addition to Saxon society. They were created about 3 months ago after stories of 'man eating fluffy bunnies' outside Hamburg started circulating in the Saxon courts (misinformation placed there by Frankish spies in the courts). They were formed as a small number of Saxons (and the odd Westphalian & Barvarian) were causing bother in the rank-and-file troops in the ongoing Saxon Wars. Being used as a form of distraction and an incentive to improve their lot, the Catchers are proving quite successful in their own way. They are catching quite a few vermin that are damaging crops in the Hamburg region allowing better amounts of crops to be collected & planted.


Dangers & Hazards

Disease seems to be a common problem amongst them. Dealing with vermin leads to many of them catching any number of nasty bugs, as well as fleas & other parasites. Sometimes the vermin will bite causing nasty infected wounds & missing extremities like fingers and the odd toe.
"Looks like our efforts are paying off. There's reports from our spies that they've moved many of their own reprobates to the Hamburg area. That 'story' we slipped to them seems to be leading to damage in other ways too. A few of their more notorious individuals & units have been drawn back in the process deep into their own territory."   Count de Ath, speaking at the monthly reporting sessions at Charlemagne's Court.
The Catchers are fully legal and have been put in a situation that any bother they cause is in their own profession and away from populated areas.


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Jan 4, 2024 19:54

Hello, I like this career, I think it is unique that the career came from misinformation and rumours rather than a proven problem, it makes it very unusual and I like the storytelling potential in it.

Jan 4, 2024 20:32 by Darren McHaffie

Thanks. Can easily lead to some fun antics later down the line.

Jan 12, 2024 22:14 by Kydra

This is great! The title caught my eye because of how hilarious it sounds. So glad to read about the troop and find out how true that impression is. Love that the Catchers were formed as a 'just in case' measure with the misinformation, while also being a great solution for giving troublemakers something to do.

Jan 12, 2024 22:18 by Darren McHaffie

Thanks. The Saxon equivalent of the Dirty Dozen, haha. Always fun doing something a tad left-field.