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Dungburn the Mage

Dungburn the Mage is a Goblin found deep in the Central Massif of Frankia. A grumpy being, he allows a a single student to learn from him. This lasts untel Dungburn gets to the point that he feels he wants to be by himself again.

Physical Description

Facial Features

A scraggly beard of greyish hair hangs from Dungburn's chin.

Apparel & Accessories

Dugburn has a tendency to wear brownish clothing with a hat, and either a cloak or coat of some extreme colour. For some reason no-one can figure out, his favourite colour of these are an outlandish pink colour. A belt is usualy present with a number of pouches for spell components. He usually has a torch or two handy so he can get a better idea of the colour of these components.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dungburn was born near the end of the 7th Century in the Central Massif to a goblin tribe called the Spider Bite Clan. A clan that is now reduced in size due to Frankish military actions, the clan was a constant problem raiding & looting many smaller settlements, they broke into an unnamed cave that contained a trap. Here, a small stone made of a mix of amber & Leviathan's Flesh was crushed by a stone on the ground in the middle of the room. The resulting explosion tore through the clan members, one of which was a young Dungburn.   The explosion wiped out most of the goblins, and those that was left changed. All but one mutated in some way until dying in agony with their bodies contorting in unnatural ways. Dungburn survived, but wasn't the same any more. He started to show the ability to cast magic and had an odd dress sense, also increased his lifespan. Taking to wearing brightly coloured clothing, he quickly made a name for himself as a powerful spellcaster, and turning to being incredibly grumpy even by goblin standards.   Thrown out of the clan, he has travelled the length & width of the Central Massif, and turning his hand to taking in a student every once in a while for random lengths of time. There is no rhyme nor reason as to why he suddenly cuts off the teaching of students, except when he enters a fugue state leading up to it. Dungburn seems to specialise in Evocation & Divination spells, and has proven to be useful to local Frankish groupings in the region, as he has grown to hate his old clan. Seeing them as short lived and shortsighted, as well as crude, he regularly helps Frankish troops to keep the Spider Bite clan numbers in check.   Dungburn has trained a good many Frankish Battle Mages over the past 100 years, and keeps in contact with the Frankish nobility through different agents allowing for them to keep abreast of local developments. This is kept secret due to Dungburn being unfriendly to others, and the information being highly sensitive.   One thing Dungburn does not let others know is his connection to the de Rais family. They use him to hunt out destructive spells & foretelling the future manouvers of their enemies, for their own benefit. After taking in a young Gabrielle de Rais for a bout of training in Divination magic over the course of about 3 months, he discovered her family connection & the danger they posed. He didn't want anything to do with the de Rais' but couldn't get away from them now. What made it worse, he got a visit in the middle of a severe winter storm from a Hag of some power. She claimed to know both the de Rais' and his teaching of Gabrielle. Anything used against them would be made known to the world.   Since that time in the early 780s, he regularly teaches magic to the de Rais family and supply other magic to them when necessary. At present, he is well aware of others rising to prominance and is planning to reach out to the rulers of the Eschbach to see if they can help get rid of the de Rais & the hag out of his life. He is aware that the present lord helped to destroy one dangerous creature in the region of the Central Massif.

Inhabitant of the Central Massif Magic user Grumpy teacher of Evocation & Divination

Character Location
"He's a grumpy little bugger that one. Dangerous too if crossed. Handy though. Knows the Dark Fey in the Central Massif very well, and he can teach a few people a few magic 'tricks' there too if you're that way inclined. His old tribe, the Spider Bite Clan is still there as well, but not as powerful as they were. Get a few of their heads and he'll act a bit more friendly so to speak with you. Sometimes he corresponds with me to chase up magic lore, or strengthen his own powers. Get a few tips from him too.   Ask around and most will say they know off him, but few of them will admit to talking to him directly. Think its a racial thing but.... he doesn't care. I know he's hiding something, and something dark. If you find out, either keep it to yourself or help him out. You'll never know how he'll deal with it."   Emon Kanis, talking to Count de Ath.
Scraggly and gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Wrinkled grayish green
3ft 2"

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