Amber Sarcophagi

Throughout the Material Planes and a few Demi-Planes, lie Amber Sarcophagi. On some worlds there are only one, on others dozens could be sprinkled around. Many are hidden away in dark corners of the world they lie on. A few have them out in the open, and even at the centre of a few civilisations. Each are roughly 8 feet tall, and between 4 to 6 feet wide. Made of the purest unworked amber, the shapes are rough, and have a murky light emanating from the centre of each. Nothing seems to affect the surface, whether natural weathering of plant / animal growth, or the workings of mortal sentient beings.   What is unique about these is what dwells at the centre of each sarcophagus. The glowing light that fills the centre of each hides a dark secret, foe each sarcophagus contains the essence of a god. In every instance these gods are effectively the remnants of such beings, either dead gods, or the unrealised, and in every case their entombment has driven them to insanity and / or evil. They lash out affecting the local environment, demanding worship and twisting the very air & rock themselves to warp into strange maddening designs.   Every time one is destroyed, it is at the cost of so much to the heroes that do so. It can be the very act that kills the hero, and all life in an area, and rips a hole in the fabric of reality. Yet by doing so, it frees the god, and allows it to finally pass into the furthest planes of existence. Given time, the region will revert to whatever form it is meant to be.   Given the fact it contains a god, or at least the remnants of one, the amber can be used after its destruction, to create magical items of extreme potency. A few that have been made can come at a price though, with that amount of power can drive mortals insane, or warp them into strange beings after an amount of time.  

Amber Sarcophagi

Wondrous Item

Legendary Requires Attunement

God Tomb. Each of these have a spark of divinity in them, anyone coming near them have a chance of feeling or linking into the mind of the god. The deity can try to dominate another being by rolling against each other's Charisma (with a DC of 20 for the deity). If it loses the roll nothing else happens, if it passes, the creature will view the deity as it's own personal god, and do anything within reason for it. This can be off-set by the creature rolling a saving throw of DC 20 every hour.   Broken Tomb. If the amber is broken it can be used for the production of powerful magic items, and even used for spell components. It always gives the highest stats for any item if there is more than one level. Each time it is used though, the user must make a DC 20 saving throw. On a fail they take 10 2d10 psionic damage, 2 1d4 exhaustion levels, or have some type of mutation occur according to what the DM dreams up. This may result in drops in stats, and/or damage of some type. Exhaustion levels & damage can be restored after a long rest.   Other Effects:  
  • The sarcophagus has 500 HPs 100d10 and can only be damaged by magical spells and magical bludgeoning damage weapons.
  • Warping can occur round the region it is in, so animals & plants may die or grow larger, do more damage etc. Weather patterns are warped, and changed in ways like multicoloured rain or lightning. Gravity may be affected, the ground may break open at will, and so on. Up to the DM as to what happens and what effects affect the Players.
  • Evil cultists sometimes can be found worshipping the sarcophagus.
  • Sometimes the deity may appeal to sentient beings and grant them power. This causes them to become or be thrown into the Domains of Dread.
  • If destroyed, it can open a portal to other dimensions, like the aforementioned Domains. These are permanent features left behind.

Type AC STR Req. Stealth Dis.
Heavy 18 No

Weight: 5000+ lb


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