The Trident Coalition

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Millenia ago several ancient human civilizations developed interstellar travel, individually of each other, and colonized thousands of systems across the Milky Way galaxy.   The stories I write are primarily set in the Trident Coalition, formed by three systems with Hellenistic worlds. Those systems are Prometheus, Sisyphus, and Tantalus, plus the many worlds they colonized.   Besides the Coalition there are other Hellenistic worlds, that are sovereign but still friendly to the Coalition.   There are worlds colonized by other ancient cultures that are less than friendly. And the aggressive Sumerian/Mesopotamian world Humbaba, which is in a neighboring star system to the Coalition.   I've long had the idea of a writing a space opera, several decades, but it's only in more recent years that I've started writing novels and novellas about this universe. I try to develop my comedic voice, while I admire Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, but I also like to poke fun at the Sci-Fi shows I love to watch, like Star Trek, as a loving parody.