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Ironhorn is a powerful Margr who gets his name from the unusual blue-grey colouration of his horns and muzzle. Blessed with unusual cunning and a formidable stature he has been able to corral the rest of his rather unruly tribe into a moderately effective fighting force. This has made them a dangerous threat to any who enter the Endoval Forest, and a persistent source of fear for the denizens of Cerelon.

Unlike many of his brethren, he's intelligent enough to successfully utilize some cyphers. His most daring raid involved the successful use of a disintegration ray emitter to destroy the front gate of Cerelon, leading to his tribe successfully breaching the Buckles District in 138CF. The raid lasted for several hours before the Ward Militia, lead by Hulik Crovan were able to successfully drive them back. During the battle, Ironhorn came face to face with Hulik, resulting in a brutal confrontation that left Hulik maimed and resulted in the loss Ironhorn's left horn.

Since the raid, Ironhorn has continued to be a significant threat. Recognizing that the local Margr population are much more dangerous with him around, the Ward Militia has carefully watching for an opportunity to eliminate him, believing the rest of his tribe would devolve into a disorganised rabble without him around to rally them. Ironhorn himself has not forgiven Hulik Crovan for taking his horn, and would not pass up any opportunity for revenge. 

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