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Demon King Ergirri Announcing his Nomination for His Successor

The letter sent to the fourteen other cities in the Demon Realm by Demon King Ergirri to annouce his personal nomination for his successor.


To announce the current King's nomination for a successor so the other cities could select opposing caandidates accordingly.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Copies of this document can be found in the Temple of Vemera for public access, as well as the royal archives of each city.

Historical Details


While the position of Ascended Demon King is one that is earned, not inherited, the current King usually annouces who they would like to take over the position. If the other cities support the nomination, they expend less effort in finding a candidate to compete against the nominee - settling for someone strong, but perhaps not the strongest. It can also influence whether individuals feel a need to compete, as the Royal Trials are open to everyone.


While the current King having a nominee has been true since the time of Lavven during his - the first - rule, sending an announcement to the cities outside of the capital came later, when the position itself was no longer highly contested.

Public Reaction

There was a significant backlash in response to the announcement - from mulitple angles.    Those with a conservative leaning disliked that Jurao's nomination broke the longest stretch of a single royal family at four generations, and that he was not a noble himself by birth. But, as his common lineage was two prestigious lines - the Mafokuraes beast hunter family and Maesculiken blacksmiths - they were not fully opposed on those grounds.   While those with a progressive leaning were pleased with a common-born King nominee, but disliked that was the Demon General - they felt that, in such long years of peace, a General would be likely to begin a more militant rule than his predecessor. Jurao's two most prominent monikers - "Beast of the Battlefield" and "Unbreakable Wall"- did not ease these concerns. However, word spread of his reputation for fairness and rewarding merit over status, gaining him approval.    Overall, none were fully in support of Jurao's nomination, but neither were any vehemently opposed.   Erigirri's five children with his spouse, Lordis Vallen, were all in support of Jurao's nomination.    (While some may see Ergirri's final lines of assurance as a challenge, they are actually the standard way of closing such a letter - for why would a King select a nominee they felt was going to lose?)
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97998 UR
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