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Mechanics & Inner Workings

The soul of Armiger is contained within the sword, although it does not communicate with the wielder. The sword is empowered by Armiger, and is deadlier than a similar sword because of it. It is believed that Armiger may wake up if a threat as deadly as that faced by the Companions comes again.


In the War of Breaking, the aberrant warlord Mitus captured Lucious Cuso and prepared to execute him. Armiger, one of the Nine Companions, challenged Mitus to a duel for Cuso's release, binding the companions to quit the fight if he lost. He knew he was the inferior fighter, and so he left an opening that would allow Mitus to run him through but would also expose him to a quick and deadly counterstroke. With Mitus dead, his followers fought among themselves, and the companions were able to rescue Cuso and Armiger. Armiger died when they removed the sword from his body, and Cuso believed that his soul held on to the weapon still. It was clearly imbued with magic, and so has been passed down among the Knights Celestial ever since.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Owning Organization
The Armiger is unique
3 lbs
34" blade, tapering from 1 1/2" wide to 3/4"; guard width 10"; handle length 8"
Raw materials & Components
The sword is made from steel, and is a light grey color with a matte finish. The handle is leather wrapped steel, and the leather has been replaced many times. The only ornamentation is at the pommel, which is wrapped in a single golden ring.

Cover image: by Chance Rose


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