Hell is other people

As Storms tore the world apart and destroyed the global infrastructure, technology suffered due to a lack of supplies. Settlements became more secluded as everyone prioritised their own wellbeing. The rise of Raiders only made this worse, and nowhere was the resulting paranoia and xenophobism worse than in the remaining corners of Frisia.   Yfke was born in Zwartterp in 2081, and never knew of any other place. By the time she was four, the Massacre of Aldterp took place, eliminating Zwartterp's final ally. And during her education period, the elders and teachers made sure that the children knew that the world was hostile. Nobody was to be trusted.   The constant paranoia, where people even distrusted each other, wasn't even the worst. It was the lack of privacy. From a very young age, Yfke realised two important things. The first was that being with other people was exhausting. The more people she had to deal with, the more it drained her, and only time alone allowed her to recover. The second thing was that she could never be sincere about that. To be different meant to be bullied and distrusted.   So she learned to fake it, while yearning for a way to have some peace and quiet. One day she found out about the existence of Scouts, and began plotting. As she covertly found old information, of the world before and some of the secrets the elders kept, she prepared her masterplan.   Scouts had to be skilled. But expendable. Additionally, they had to be a tad unliked. So Yfke made sure to be skilled, but hide her true skill, and made sure she was somewhat unliked but trusted nonetheless. Eventually, this got her recruited as a Scout. For Yfke, this was never about protecting the village. It was about having the chance to be alone.   And then she discovered someone. Not a Raider, but an injured Scout from Utrecht. And when Yfke decided not to report this, but to protect the woman she found instead, that's when everything started to change. She didn't know then, but these actions would eventually lead to the fall of Zwartterp, and so much more for Yfke.


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