Scouts are tasked to find threats to their homes. They will rotate their duties, scouting and surveilling the areas near their home settlements. Scouts will check for tracks of wildlife and humans, take note of natural resources, observe if nearby dykes are holding, and even look out for incoming Storms. At times they may ambush discovered enemies themselves, or observe them while directing Soldiers to their position.   While Soldiers are trained solely for combat, and Collectors travel into dangerous Wastes, it is Scouts who have the most dangerous profession. They are the first line of defense for their homes, which makes them the first target for Raiders. Furthermore they face predators, other hostile wildlife, and bad weather. As such, their mortality rate is relatively high.   As a result, Scouts are highly valued in most settlements. If a Scout falls in the line of duty, generally their family will be well taken care of. They also receive proper support, in the form of body armour, walkie-talkies, weapons, and even the construction of hidden shelters within their scouting grounds. To keep Scouts safe is to keep the settlement safe.   A notable exception is Zwartterp. Fueled by constant paranoia, they don't trust their Scouts enough to properly supply them. And with them not trusting families either, they refuse to give any benefits to surviving partners and children. They even keep the existence of Scouts a secret from most of their own people. There, only the most loyal, yet disposable, can become Scouts.
Military / Intelligence Gathering   Associated Professions
Collectors, Soldiers   Related Locations
Strongholds, Terps, Hamlets   Alternative Names
Brave Fools, Spying Eyes

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I liked reading about the exception to the rule!

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=) It's the settlement that I designed the setting around, so I felt I had to properly note their different handling here. When I came up with the idea of this setting last month, during a Dystopian Worlds workshop from Humanities Southampton, I wrote up a few paragraphs to set the mood for Yfke the Scout. I haven't written her up yet, but acknowledging the situation of Zwartterp here felt important.

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