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The Spears of Hadrogar

Plot points/Scenes

The Seventh Spear

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The PCs will become acqainted with the Jolly Chestnut and its regulars. They may or may not notice a miasma of complacency about the place, which may or may not be connected to the wrought-iron spear hanging above the fireplace.


The Sixth Spear

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At some point, a thief named Fendril will attempt to steal Magmireth from the Jolly Chestnut (or whomever has it by then). He is under the sway of Azgomor the Thief, and is trying to gather all of the Spears of Hadrogar.


The Fifth Spear

Ilgulloth the Devourer, is in the hands of a dire troll that is ravaging the countryside. Too stupid to be useful to Ilgulloth, the troll is being driven mad by the spear's incessant attempts to influence it.


The Fourth Spear

Orog Graurug, an orc that may be familiar to the party, holds Caliburn the Destroyer. It has granted him the power to rule over the orcs of the Wasteland, and taking it from him will be an incredible feat in itself.


The Third Spear

As opposed to the other spears, which the PCs have had to chase down, Luxoroth the Hunter has been stalking the PCs for weeks or months. Wielded by the ranger Tatiana Waters, it has been scouring the city-states in hopes of locating its kin.


The Second Spear

Pengaroth the Equalizer rules over a powerful city in Westonia, where he enforces a form of "equality" that ultimately results in all wealth and property belonging to the city (and, by extension, Pengaroth),




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Rose is the barkeep of the Jolly Chestnut, and is in charge of most of the day-to-day operations. She is aware that Magmireth is able to drain the ambition from those in the Jolly, and does her best to combat it by encouraging those around her to pursue their goals actively.


Althalos de Bolbec

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Althalos the half-orc is the rook warden in charge of the north quarter, which the Jolly Chestnut borders. He spends most of his evenings in the Jolly, doing his best to blend in with the other patrons. Despite being on a first-name basis with nearly all of the regulars, he makes a point to not let friendships affect his objectivity.

Annalore Maehieu

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Annalore is a local blacksmith operating out of the Radamier district. She specializes in blades of every sort, but is disappointed that most of her customers only ask for farming implements.

She is engaged in a bitter rivalry with another blacksmith in town, who has somehow managed to establish himself as the go-to weaponsmith in the city.

Arite the Seer

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The only non-human regular besides Althalos, Arite the mochilian is content to remain outside the various social circles. She has a more or less permanent room upstairs, from which she offers her services as a fortune teller.


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A stout, piggish man, Chaucer is the epitome of the upper-middle class. He is wealthy enough to get away with doing no actual work, and instead prefers to rely on his business connections to do the heavy lifting for him. Though Chaucer is the owner of the Jolly Chestnut, he cares little for the "menial" aspects of the business. His opinion on most matters is to defer to Rose, whom he trusts explicitly.

Doran Fenwick

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Despite his rapidly approaching seventieth birthday, Doran's mind is as keen as it was fifty years ago. He began his career intending to map out the entirety of the sestonian region. Unfortunately, his bones are not what they used to be, and his travels have halted indefinitely. He has spent the better part of the last decade in Beyhill, spending what little income he earns drinking at the Jolly.

Frank Montague

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Frank leads a group of 'religious' outlaws that patrol the countryside around Beyhill. He stops wealthy travelers on their way to the city and takes small 'donatiions' in exchange for keeping the highways safe from criminals and dangerous beasts.

Althalos has been trying for years to have Frank arrested for banditry, but because the Saddlebacks call themselves a religious group, he has been unable to make a conviction stick.


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A young whisp of a girl, Ivy journeyed to Beyhill in response to a religious vision. UUnfortunately, the vision offered no insight as to thenext step of her journey, so she has been living in a hostel for almost a year waiting for a sign.

She has been trying to learn augury from Arite, but so far has not demonstrated any particular talent for the art.

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