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Althalos de Bolbec

Rook Warden Althalos de Bolbec


Althalos is Rook Warden of the North Quarter in Beyhill.


Grey skin, closely matching his close-cropped grey hair. His jagged ears, upturned nose, and prominent underbite give away his half-orc herritage.


Althalos is in peak physical shape, though his social skills have fallen into disuse over the decades.


He can wield the legal system with the force of a maul or the precision of a scalpel, whichever the situation requires. If you give him a week, he can get to the bottom of just about any investigation.


He has an intense glare.


Leans forward on one arm when questioning, leans back and crosses his arms when listening.


Knows the legal system of Beyhill like the back of his own hand.

  • Law and Order Society works best when everyone follows the rules.
  • Dedication I always get my man.
  • The people of the North Quarter are my people, and I'll do everything I can to keep them safe.
  • I have been trying to land a conviction on Frank Montague for almost a decade.
  • I can sometimes become obsessed with a case, neglecting other aspects of my life.
  • Sometimes I worry I'm more interested in the chase than in actually catching my querry.

Half-orc, and moderately defensive about it. Althalos is the warden of the Beyhill jail (locally called the Rook), in charge of intake and management. He is a regular at the Jolly Chestnut, where he spends most afternoons.

Character Location
Current Location
The Rook
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Current Location
Year of Birth
2675 A.D. 50 Years old

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Cover image: by Kaleb Troy (troykaleb)


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