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Sabine Sol

Sabine Sol

Sabine Sol, aka Hell on Wheels. This Edge City superstar has capitalized on her fame, live streaming her activism. Her content has a special edge, a euphoria that lets her viewers feel the highs and lows of her adventures. Sparks fly as she skates the streets (and walls) of the Canyons.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sabine is fast, her body built for speed. A former champion speed skater, Sol has powerfel legs and amazing agility.

Facial Features

Sabine is classically beautiful, with sparkling green eyes and smooth pale skin. She has long wavey blond hair that she usually lets flow freely, and sometimes in a pony tail.

Special abilities

Sol is electrodynamic, meaning she naturally generates an electric field. Her skates encorporate rare earth magnets which enable her to generate magnetic fields, skating up metal walls and along railing. The magnets also allow to generate more power to fuel her sprees, as long as she can keep moving.

Apparel & Accessories

High tech body armor, pink and white. The armor is not only able to take small arms fire, but can reactively generate targetted small magnetic fields to pull bullets and blades to her most heavily armored regions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sabine Sol is an engima, no person of that name officially exists. Further more, any digital records that are made about her seem to disappear in short order. Some things are apparent though, she is charismatic and well educated, obviously having benefited from schooling that isn't available in the Lowlands.


Sabine lives off the revenue from her live streams, which is nothing to scoff at. It is dependant on her audience staying happy though.

Mental Trauma

Haunted by the accidental death of her mother at a young age. She doesn't think it was an accident, and she blames her father for drawing his family into danger.

Personality Characteristics


Sabine seeks to subvert the dominate paradigm, keeping both the gangs and the corporations on notice. She obsenstably is out to represent the common man, though most of the time it seems like she just in search of fame.

Likes & Dislikes

Hates anything that takes the attention off her. Likes people who like her.


Contacts & Relations

Sabine is repped by Tragic Alice.

Family Ties

Obviously a contentious subject, Sol refuses to discuss her family.


Sabine tries to conceal her well manned upbringing with a constant stream of trash talking and cursing. It works most of the time.

A radical superstar hero fabulously seeking to tear down the powers that be!

Character Location
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Chaotic Dope
Current Status
Looking for some dicks to kick
Outside the Canyons
Windblown Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
155 lb
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Eat a bag of dicks you shit licking twat waffle."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Fluent in English, French, Cantonese and Japanese. Familiar with a half dozen other languages.

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