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The SGB Melli

The SGB Melli (SGB - Spacefarer's Guild Braal Division), nicknamed 'the Critter', is an old Wasp ship, supposedly built by it's captain Morrigan Starseeker.  


The Melli has all the standard equipment one would expect from a Wasp Ships.   The galley contains three crates of potatoes, one crate of assorted root vegetables, one crate of salted and dried meat and one crate of dried fruits. There is also an alchemy jug that only pours water, as well as a pouch of salt and one with an unspecified spice mix.   The Captain's Quarters have been modified with a smithy, but none other that the Captain and her 'pets' are allowed.   The Crew Quarters contain a simple table, four bunks divided in two 'beds', and several crates. Most of the crates are empty and used as seating, though one contains board games. The crew is free to use these crates to store personal belongings.   The Spelljamming Helm is an elegant chair carved out of white wood, with blue and red crystals growing in a swirling pattern on the sides.
The Critter
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