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A photopartum or sun is a realm's source of light and heat. The vast majority of realms have photopartum of some sort. Those without tend to be barren, lifeless realms, cloaked in eternal darkness and cold.   Photopartum come in a variety of forms, though the vast majority are large balls of elemental fire and light. Though other, more exotic forms exist, all photopartum emit vast amounts of light and heat. Some photopartum orbit their realms, while others are orbited by their realms. More unusual photopartum tend to have more unusual relationships to their realms.   Most photopartum adhere to one of the following forms:
  • Crystal - a massive piece of glass which glows with an inner light.
  • Divine - a manifestation of one or more of a realm's gods, often piloting some sort of vehicle.
  • Living - a living creature that emits light and warmth, such as a phoenix or dragon.
  • Ring - a solid ring that encircles a realm.
  • Rotator - an object that rotates, one side projecting heat and light, the other dark.
  • Solar - a large ball of fire and light.
Photopartum that do not fall under one of the above categories tend to be unique.

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