A mage is a generic term for a person who uses magic. The term is mainly used by laymen who do not otherwise understand the intricacies of magic, while practitioners and scholars use more precise terms based on factors such as source of power, specialty, or method of casting. While not comprehensive, the following list contains definitions of the more common terms:
  • Artificers create machines, tools, bibelots, and other devices which rely on principles of magic.
  • Bards use music to generate magic.
  • Clerics receive divine energy from deities or powerful spirits, using ritual prayers.
  • Druids use magic, no matter the source, to manipulate nature.
  • Psychics use magic to communicate telepathically, read thoughts, or otherwise interact with the minds of others.
  • Savants are those who use internal magic to enhance their own physical abilities.
  • Sorcerers have inborn powers which allow them to create magical effects.
  • Wizards study complex formulae which involve incantations, gestures, and materials that combine to generate magic.

Cover image: by Denis Khusainov


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