Kamakari silk

Kamakari silk is an expensive, sought after silk exported from the Kamakari Mandate. It is well known for its exceptional fineness, with the threads so thin that a man's waistcoat could be folded to a size smaller than a gold coin while a woman's ball gown could be carried in a coin pouch. Garments created from kamakari silk are also very light and quite warm despite its thinness. The major downside of kamakari silk is its fragility; unlike most silks, kamakari silk can be torn somewhat easily, having durability similar to cotton. While making kamakari silk less attractive for some uses, it remains highly sought after for use in extravagant clothing. A square meter of kamakari silk is worth roughly a pound of pure gold.   Contrary to popular belief, kamakari silk is not produced by kamakari themselves, as they do not produce any sort of silk naturally. Instead, it is produced by a species of insect known as the sopux beetle, a rare creature found only on a few worlds within the Kamakari Mandate. To date attempts to establish colonies on other worlds has failed.

Cover image: by Denis Khusainov


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