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The Battle of the Gulley

The Conflict


The Battle of the Gulley was the final battle in a long standing war between the Giants and Humanity of Ysgör. It took place in a location which is now on the west side of the Ordloch Wall.


After the battle the victory of Humanity was cemented. This victory began the drafting and signing of the Ordloch Treaties.


The signing of the Ordloch Treaties finalised the borders of the territories which the Giants and Humanity would occupy. These lands were quickly divided by the Ordloch Wall, which is said to have been built with magic woven into its structure.
After the wall was built, the Giant god Annum went silent and could no longer be contacted.

Historical Significance

In Literature

“Dragons from above, Giants from below,
In the Battle of the Gulley, down did the armies go”

A popular bardsong telling the story of the battle
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Humanity wins the war against the Giants




The army of House Mithrus, which was at this point formed of mostly Humans and Dwarves, certainly had the advantage in number. With the help of the Dwarves, the bulk of their power came from their weapons.
Due to their size and ability to command elemental magic, the Giants had a strong advantage over Humanity.


The King of the Giants was beheaded by King Skarfell Mithrus in a one-on-one confrontation.



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