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Old Ysgorian

Writing System

Old Ysgorian uses the runic futhark alphabet:
ᚠ - f
ᚢ - u
ᚦ - th
ᚨ - a
ᚱ - r
ᚲ - k/c
ᚷ - g
ᚹ - w
ᚻ - h
ᚾ - n
ᛁ - i
ᛃ - j
ᛇ - ï
ᛈ - p
ᛉ - z
ᛊ - s
ᛏ - t
ᛒ - b
ᛖ - e
ᛗ - m
ᛚ - l
ᛜ - ng
ᛟ - o
ᛞ - d

Geographical Distribution

Old Ysgorian is almost exclusively spoken west of the Ordloch Wall since the criminalisation of worship to the Old Gods. According to current beliefs, the language is only spoken by Giants west of the wall and was never spoken by humanoids. This is of course propaganda in order to attempt to eradicate the old ways.


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